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Last Update: 1st July 2015

Welcome to the website of SKADL, a darts league based in London. Please use the links on the bar to the left to navigate around this site.

SKADL started as a competition in its own right in 2001 when it took over from the "Three Bars Competition" at Imperial College. The competition was originally comprised of Student and Old Student teams from Imperial College and the Royal College of Music, both based at South Kensington.

Since then the competition has run every year, with matches played in the Autumn and Spring academic terms, typically from October through to March. In 2004 a smaller format league was also introduced that played during the summer months. This summer league mainly comprised the Old Student teams.

From the summer of 2007 it was agreed that teams did not have to be located at South Kensington to be able to play in the league, allowing the current Old Student teams to set up in pubs of their own and allowing for the possibility of other teams to take part.  

Current Competition: Summer SKADL 2015
Most Recent Results: Monday 29th June 2015 Brimsworth III 9-5 King's Cubs
  Holland Club RS 11-3 UCL
  King's Lions 7-7 ORCS
  OCDC 7-7 Barbarians

Next Fixtures: Monday 6th July 2015 Catch-up Week