Old RCS Darts Club - Hall of Fame - Current Champions

Last Update: 23rd January 2015

Major Competitions
League Championship 2014 Ian Cairns Knockout Tournament 2014 Adam Doyle
Winter Trophy 2014 Paolo Reveglia Champions' Shield 2015 Adam Doyle
Exhibition Competitions
Plate Competition 2014 Felix Venthakone President's Masters 2014 Adam Doyle
Ladder League 2014 Adam Doyle Doubles Competition 2014 Dave Booth &
Women's Championship2012 Charlotte Dawkins Lizzie Seymour
Minor Competitions
Handicap Competition 2014 Rob Cornelius Committee Champ. 2014 Dave Booth
Blind Killer 2012 Sam Pickering
Other Awards
Player of the Decade1999-2009Austin Jones      
Player of the Year 2014 Paolo Reveglia Most Improved Player 2014 Paolo Reveglia
Centurion Trophy 2014 Ian Cairns Personality of the Year 2014 Alex Jockelson

Overall Winners by Year: Major Competitions Exhibition Competitions Minor Competitions
Other Awards
Top 4 by Year: League Champ. Knockout Winter Trophy
  Champions' Shield Plate President's Masters
  Ladder League Doubles Women's Championship
  Handicap Committee Champ. Blind Killer
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