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Last Update: 28th August 2015

Welcome to the Web Site of the Old RCS Darts Club, formerly known as the RCSA Darts Club. The club is based in London, UK, and currently has 78 members. It was formed by old students of Imperial College who studied in its Royal College of Science ("RCS") departments along with some of their friends. The Club is the home of the ORCS Darts Team, which participates in the South Kensington Academic Darts League ("SKADL") on Mondays, and The Shoe Inns Darts Team, which participates in the Trafalgar Dart League ("TDL") on Wednesdays. Please use the panel on the left to navigate through the site.

SKADL Match Result (Monday 24th August): ORCS 2-12 King's Lions.        TDL Match Result (Wednesday 27th May): Shoe Inns 6-7 Brimsworth & Sons.        Raise Money For Your Club Through Amazon.co.uk! Use the Amazon links on this website and make a purchase and the Club will get some of the fee! Get buying today!
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Next Darts Meeting: Saturday 5th September 2015, The Horseshoe Inn.
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Upcoming Fixtures: 
TDL: Fixture TBA, Wednesday 23rd September 2015, Venue TBA.
TDL: Fixture TBA, Wednesday 30th September 2015, Venue TBA.
SKADL: Champions v Captains Match, Monday 5th October 2015, Venue TBA.
TDL: Fixture TBA, Wednesday 7th October 2015, Venue TBA.
SKADL: Fixture TBA, Monday 12th October 2015, Venue TBA.