Old RCS Darts Club - Club Committee

Last Update: 28th August 2015

The Club's Committee was set up in 2001 to help in the organisation of "internal" and "external" fixtures and other social occasions. Before this time, the Captain was responsible for all of these jobs. The Committee meets approximately once every three months, and is elected every year. The current members of the Committee are shown below, along with links to a list of all the holders of each post by year, the most recent election results and the Club's formal documents.

2015 Committee
Captain - Alex Fried
Club Secretary - Rob Park
Fixtures Secretary - Duncan Robertson
League Recorder - Dave Booth
Committee by Year

2015-6 Committee Elections
Returning Officer: Rob Park
Nominations opened at 9am on Saturday 15th August 2015.
Nominations close at 5pm on Saturday 29th August 2015.
Ratification of the Elections and voting will take place at the CGM on Saturday 5th September.
Nominations & Results
For Election Rules and Job Descriptions, please refer to Rule 6 (Elections) and Appendix B (Job Descriptions) of the Club's Rules & Appendices (link below).

2015 Rules & Appendices passed at the CGM on Saturday 1st November 2014

A list of dates of future Darts Meetings can be found here.